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[Complete] Kill la Kill 720p

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[Complete] Kill la Kill 720p K6prC5C

Video Codec: x264
Audio Codec: Nero AAC
Bit Depth: 8bit
Audio: Japanese
Subtitle: English
Source/Sub: Underwater
File Size: 100mb

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Type: TV | Episodes: 24
Genres: Action, School
Aired: Oct 4, 2013 to Mar 28, 2014
File Type: mkv | Resolution: 1280x720

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The story is set on a high school that the student council president Satsuki Kiryuuin rules by force. Wielding a giant Basami scissors sword, the wandering transfer student Ryuuko Matoi brings about upheaval on the campus. Ryuuko searches for the mysterious figure who caused her father's death, but confronting her are the student council's "four divine kings." Fortunately, Ryuuko is aided by a talking sailor uniform who tells her, "Wear me. When I am worn by you, this power will become manifest."

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Episode 01: 720p
Episode 02: 720p
Episode 03: 720p
Episode 04: 720p
Episode 05: 720p
Episode 06: 720p
Episode 07: 720p
Episode 08: 720p
Episode 09: 720p
Episode 10: 720p
Episode 11: 720p
Episode 12: 720p
Episode 13: 720p
Episode 14: 720p
Episode 15: 720p
Episode 16: 720p
Episode 17: 720p
Episode 18: 720p
Episode 19: 720p
Episode 20: 720p
Episode 21: 720p
Episode 22: 720p
Episode 23: 720p
Episode 24: 720p


[Complete] Kill la Kill 720p Tumblr_mh9emgwUMT1s1qnz8o1_500_zps056a74a5

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