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Fans Club Registration

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1Fans Club Registration Empty Fans Club Registration on Wed Feb 11, 2015 5:50 pm

Welcome to Fans Club Registration


  • Name of the Fans Club:

  • Username of the Owner:

  • Why do you want to found this Club:

  • Fans Club User Bar: (Dimension: 400 x 40)

  • Fans Club User Tag: (Dimension: 148 x 30) 

  • Privacy: (Public, Private, Hidden)

  • URL of the Fans Club Registration Thread (w/ List of Members)

Fans Club Forum Privacy:
Public = Forum is Open to All Members (Including the Posting and Creating Topic.)
Private = Forum is Open to All Members (But Only Fans Club Members are allowed to post.)
Hidden = Forum is only accessible by the Fans Club Members.

Please note that PinoyOtaku can accommodate ONLY 10 clubs at the same time.

#1: You can only register when you have at least 10 Active Members
#2: Leaders can moderate their own club forum, but moderators cannot interfere the ruling of the leader.
#3: You can only change the Fans Club User Bar, Once a Month.
#4: You cannot change Fans Club User Tag, and when the Fans Club has been disbanded, automatically the User Tag of the members will be removed.
#5: Kindly PM an active Admin for additional members, so they'll be able to wear the Fans Club User Tag.
#6: All Fans Club Forum are required to have a List of Fans Club Members. The thread must be stickied, Usernames must be linked and must be regularly updated.
#7: Fans Club Owners can also ban a members from accessing their fans club, just PM any Admin who's online.
#8: Leaders must delete any UNNECESSARY posts in their own forum or will take punishment
#9: Punishments are...
-->1st offense = 1 week club forum locked
-->2nd offense = 1 week club forum locked
-->3rd offense = Fans Club Deletion
#10: 1 Week Inactivity of the Fans Club.
-->1st offense: Notice
-->2nd offense: Temporary Lock
-->3rd offense: Fans Club Deletion

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